Weird But True! Birthdays: 300 Fun-Tastic Facts to Celebrate


Do you LOVE your birthday and never want it to end? Keep the party spirit pumping all year with this mind-boggling book!

Did you know that on each birthday, you are 31,536,000 seconds older than you were on your last birthday?

Or that the winner at the world birthday-cake-eating championship ate 14.5 pounds of cake in just under eight minutes?

How about that you likely share your birthday with about 20.8 million other people around the globe?

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Unwrap 300 wacky facts and pictures showcasing the hilarious history, crazy coincidences, awesome astrological beliefs, and surprising statistics behind birthdays. You’ll be blown away by the world’s craziest cakes, most elaborate decorations, and most grandiose gifts to ever commemorate a year in the life.

Whether you’re celebrating your own birthday, looking for the perfect present, or just love wacky trivia, this fact-packed, fun-filled book takes the cake!

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