Toy Garbage Bags


✅IMAGINATION COMES TO LIFE: Complete your child’s pretend play with these fun NEW MINIATURE-SIZED TOY GARBAGE BAGS for toy garbage trucks.

✅HASSLE-FREE & MESS-FREE: Free up your time with these NO MESS toy garbage bags.  While it is fun ripping up the paper and listening to the Legos drop in the hatch, it isn’t so much fun cleaning it up.  Take the mess out of your kids Garbage Fun with Kano’s reusable Toy Garbage Bags…where the fun never ends.

✅COMPLETE THE GIFT: You can’t have a Garbage Truck without the Garbage and their is NO other toy miniature garbage bags out their…come get yours while supplies last!!!

✅HIGH QUALITY: Made in America, Lead Free Paint and always GUARANTEED!

✅READY, SET, PLAY: Comes in a pack of 5. Fits most Garbage Trucks Toys and Garbage Cans. Garbage Truck and Garbage Cans not included.

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Do you know what all the toy garbage trucks are missing? They all come WITHOUT toy garbage bags. What fun is a garbage truck without garbage? We’ll answer that: NO FUN AT ALL. You know what is fun? Miniature-size, lifelike garbage bags. * Pickup them up and haul away in the garbage truck * Put them in garbage containers and place them on the road ready for pickup * Drop them off at a pretend dumpsite for a job well done Miniature-size, lifelike garbage bags are the finishing touch to garbage truck playtime. Elevate your child’s pretend play experience with realistic toy garbage bags. Watch them get lost as they load and haul them to the nearest garbage dump. These bags are the perfect accessory and fit most toy garbage trucks. * Made in the America to ensure the highest level of quality * lead free paint. * Suitable for children 3 and up


Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 2 in

Hard and solid light weight plastic


Lead Free Paint


Made in USA

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